Accessibility and roads at N4 Gateway

Accessibility and roads at N4 Gateway

N4 Gateway Industrial Park is surrounded by three important roads, namely the N4 Highway running from the east (Mozambique and Mpumalanga) to the west (Rustenburg and Botswana), Solomon Mahlangu Road (formerly Hans Strijdom Drive – R69) and the Bronkhorstspruit Road. The N4 also crosses the N1 Highway which was recently upgraded into a highway with 6 lanes on each side, running from north to south and thereby linking the N4 Gateway Industrial Park with virtually the whole of the country, as these are the main roads running through the country.

As various types of businesses are housed at the N4 Gateway , various types of vehicles will also enter and leave the premises on a daily basis, namely delivery trucks, commercial vehicles, heavy transporting trucks as well as light passenger cars, and access to the N4 Gateway is of major importance to businesses, and vehicles entering and leaving the premises should be doing so with ease.

The accessibility by road is of utmost importance for a successful Industrial Park. If access to an Industrial Park isn’t easy, the levels of frustration of the drivers as well as customers using the Park can easily rise, which leaves a company or business with angry and frustrated customers.

The arterial roads surrounding the N4 Gateway Light Industrial Park, namely the N4 Highway, Solomon Mahlangu Drive (Formerly Hans Strijdom Drive (K69) and the Bronkhorstspruit Road (R104), make access a dream, as all of these roads are modern, is in excellent condition and makes driving a pleasure.

The upgrading of the old Bronkhorstspruit road to a dual highway, up to the N4 Gateway entrance, is a huge improvement and contribute to the accessibility to the N4 Gateway Light Industrial Park. Millions of rand have been spent by amongst others, Sanral to make driving an enjoyable experience.

The operating cost of a vehicle and time management is a mayor cost factor to take into account when positioning a warehouse or a factory. This is another plus point for the N4 Gateway Light Industrial Park, as it is centrally situated near major cities and international airports.
With fuel prices continually on the rise, which contributes to increasing prices and cost of living, it is important to have access to a Industrial Park which is easily accessible by road.

For the employers and employees of a factory or warehouse it is also very important to have quick and easy access to their workplace. As earlier mentioned, the price of fuel increases on a monthly basis, making the price of transport nearly unaffordable for employees, and adding to the cost of living.

The old saying “LOCALITY, LOCALITY, LOCALITY ” is nowadays even more true than ever, and relevant for an Industrial Park as people, customers and clients cannot afford to travel long distances to conduct their business, and the more central a Business Park is situated, the better it is for the customer and client.

The easy, quick accessibility of an Industrial Park effectively brings it much closer to its suppliers and customers, thereby saving time and money, and benefitting everyone.
The N4 Gateway Industrial Park has the additional advantage that it is highly visible from three major motorways.
Sanral is currently planning the upgrade of Hans Strijdom Avenue to improve the traffic flow during peak times. All property developers in the East of Pretoria welcome this.


Digital Printing

Digital printing Pretoria

In the printing industry digital printing is probably the latest technology available. Once a costly exercise, especially where the printing of multiple pages are required was digital printing. With digital printing and the latest technology available they are busy entering the mass market.

With revolutionary result, digital printing is the new kid on the block. Widening the prospects and creativity of artist in a mega way is digital printing. We are just not ready to comprehend as yet the wild ideas still to be released in a few years from now by digital printing.

The digital printing process with its advanced computer technology is as fast as a click of a button. Usually affecting the printing price, digital printing is cost effective for smaller quantities of printing, since you will need no plates or set up fees. Once artwork is completed digital printing can start.

As fast as a click of a button you will find the digital printing process as it has advanced computer technology. Since you will need no plates or set up fees, that usually affects the printing price, digital printing is cost effective for smaller quantities. Work on digital printing machines start when the artwork is complete.

Have a high quality photo image by using digital printing and print on photographic paper. At a cost effective price you can with digital printing have a short run with excellent quality. Making use of digital printing you will ensure that your work will be very archival.

Print banners that can be used for outdoor advertising as well as for events such as shows with digital printing. Digital printing done on vinyl banners is not only weather resistant but also one of your least expensive options. Use your own artwork, without the cost of an artist when using digital printing.

Glossy, matt or satin paper can be used when posters in small quantities are done with digital printing. A variety of sized paper, canvas, board or even foam can be used in digital printing machines with new technology. Canvas can be used to print photos with digital printing methods.

Since digital printing does not require any plates you have the option of making every print different. Printing of mass statement is made ideal with digital printing. Using the same letterhead but with the individuals information you can with digital printing do statements with the push of a button.


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